The Title Search & Title Insurance

A title search is performed to confirm the party selling the property does in fact own it and has full right to sell it.  It also confirms that there are not any existing liens on the property. When you are using financing to buy a property the lender will require …

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The Home Appraisal Process

When using traditional financing to purchase a property the bank will order an appraisal. This is done to get an estimated value of the property. The appraisal let’s the bank (and you) ensure the value of the property is in line with the price you are purchasing it for. It …

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The Home Inspection

Once you have a signed offer to buy a home; the question is – what the heck do we do next? Home Inspection The inspection contingency is an integral part of the sales contract. Once the sales contract has been signed by both parties the first order of business is …