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Seller Financing As A Borrowing Option

When it comes to buying real estate the most important aspect is having the money to do so.  Whether it’s cash, traditional financing or private financing you have to have the dough to make the deal go. In this post we will talk about a form of private financing that …

Buying Right
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Buying Right to Ensure Cash Flow – Revisited

Buying Right When it comes to Rental Property Investing- Why do we want to buy right? Because it gives us confidence we are making a sound decision, thus drowning out that scaredy cat habit of failing to pull the trigger. Buying right is something I have posted about before and …

FHA Loans
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FHA Loans – A Quick and Easy Guide

When looking for a mortgage there are so many options out there.  FHA loans are one of those options.  Let’s take a look at this loan type to understand when it’s beneficial to use it along with the pros and cons involved. FHA Loans This loan is insured by the …