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Five Things that Devalue Your Home

Whether it’s our home or a rental property the goal is t0 maximize the value of it when looking to sell or rent it.  Let’s talk about things that devalue a home so we can avoid them. Five Things that Devalue Your Home 1.) Continued Neglect of Maintenance Trust me, …

Real Estate

Three Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

The best thing that a new real estate investor can do is practice the habits of other successful real estate investors.  It is a clear and defined way toward progress using habits you have already seen work. In this article we will discuss three easy habits that successful real estate …

Real Estate

Using Rental Real Estate to Fund Retirement

Relying on social security, pensions and other government related programs to fund your retirement is a gamble these days.  Using rental real estate to build retirement income gives us the power to control our destiny and not be at the mercy of programs we have no say in. Social Security …