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Rental Property Types

We focus exclusively on Residential Properties at ScaredyCatGuide so let’s discuss the different Rental Property types available to us in this space. Single Family and Multi-Family: Multi-family Multi-family is exactly as it sounds. It’s a building or dwelling that is zoned and designed to house more than one family. However, …

Real Estate

The One Rule to Know if a Property Will Cash Flow

When investing in real estate we want properties that cash flow positive.  Let me share a quick rule to knowing whether a property will cash flow or not. In this video I used the scaredycatguide property calculator to verify that a property does not cash flow.  However, I had an …

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Real Estate

Investing in Rental Properties That Take Little to No Time to Manage

Time is a commodity most of us are short on so lets discuss ways to own rental properties that take little to no time to manage. Passive Investment Many people talk about rental properties as a way to build up passive income and though it can do just that – …