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Finding an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

Let’s discuss how I go about finding an investor friendly real estate agent and at times, mold an agent into one. Using a Real Estate Agent Obviously you can not use an agent, but for new investors this makes zero sense.  Especially on the buy side, where it costs little …

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Prepared To Buy a Rental Property in the New Year?

We are already a few days into the new year.  Are you ready to purchase a rental property?  Time goes by faster then we realize and plans to buy a property in 2018 can quickly end up mid-way through the year if the necessary prep has not been done. Let’s …

holiday property buying
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Three Reasons to Buy a Property During the Holiday Season

It may seem like finding a rental property to purchase during the holiday season may be a hassle.  To some extent it may be a little more difficult, but that is exactly why it is a prime time to find a deal! Here are three reasons to buy a property …

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When Buying Property Use a Real Estate Agent, But Still Do Your Own Research!

When buying real estate it makes sense to use a real estate agent.  It doesn’t cost you anything on the buy side and they can do much of the leg work for you. However, you still need to do a chunk of research on properties too. You must remember, when …

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Rental Property Types

We focus exclusively on Residential Properties at ScaredyCatGuide so let’s discuss the different Rental Property types available to us in this space. Single Family and Multi-Family: Multi-family Multi-family is exactly as it sounds. It’s a building or dwelling that is zoned and designed to house more than one family. However, …