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How to Gauge The Housing Market Recovery in Your Area

Recently I have seen articles talking about the housing market recovery and prices relative to the 2007 highs.  These articles are well and good, but we need to dig a step deeper to truly gauge the housing market recovery in our local areas. Use Reports for Ideas and Data for …

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Down Payment on a Property – How much is Right?

When planning to buy a property with financing one of the biggest decisions is your down payment. How much should it be? Many times this will be dictated by the loan terms.  However, the loan type you are using is likely dictated by the amount you plan to put down, …

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Know How Much You Can Afford Before Viewing Properties

You get excited about rental property investing and start looking right away, but hold on – do you know how much house you can afford? I see this all the time.  Someone gets the investing bug (and rightfully so) and goes full steam into looking at properties before they get …

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Cash Flow Threshold for Rental Properties

Seeing that a rental property will produce cash flow isn’t enough.  The amount of that cash flow is important too.  It is even more important if you are not factoring in much for maintenance costs. The Question is…. What is your Cash Flow Threshold? This number will be different for …

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Seller Financing As A Borrowing Option

When it comes to buying real estate the most important aspect is having the money to do so.  Whether it’s cash, traditional financing or private financing you have to have the dough to make the deal go. In this post we will talk about a form of private financing that …