Crypto Masterclass

This is for those that are ready to level up passed being just a buy and hold crypto investor!

The master class dives in to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and yield farming. 

This new segment of crypto allows you to generate daily income off the crypto you hold by providing it as liquidity to trading pools!  Just like the big brokers do with the stock market.  Market making is not just for wall street anymore!   

It is a new frontier that is just beginning, providing returns on investment that were once only for the wall street insiders!

The issue is that getting invested in Defi platforms is difficult.  If you don’t already understand how they work and ways to convert into the appropriate crypto types.  That is why this class exists.  Save months of frustration and avoid sending money to the crypto gods as I like to call all the transaction mistakes.

The master class covers:
  • How to move crypto from centralized exchanges like coinbase to your decentralized wallets.
  • Understanding and setting up a metamask wallet
  • Learning the difference between the ethereum network and binance smart chain network and how to transaction between the two.
  • How to trouble shoot and “read the blockchain” for your transactions with the use of a few simple websites.
  • How to fund yield farming sites, such as
  • Understanding liquidity pools (farms, dens and kingdoms) and the key differences between them and the APRs they offer.
  • Claiming profits by daily “harvesting” and how to go about reinvesting or cashing out.
  • A full review of all the free tools available to track your yield farming investment and the returns being produced
The master class schedule:
  • Step 1:  Two intensive one-on-on calls the first week to get you setup, funded and onto the auto yield farming site so you can start earning $$$ asap!
  • Step 2: A weekly call for the next two weeks to discuss your strategy between all the liquidity pools and review anything you may still have questions on.
  • Step 3:  This is the tune-up call.   One month after our first call we will do a review to ensure all the kinks are worked out and you are a yield farming beast!
  • Through our time together you will have access to email me with questions that pop-up (and trust me, you will have them!)
What type of returns can Defi autofarming produce? 

Here are some examples of current yields on just one of the platforms I have investment $$$s working.   And these aren’t even the highest yields available!

Are these guaranteed?  Of course not, they fluctuate BOTH up and down constantly.

In this farm ETH is staked earning 30% APY…….

This farm is a pool of 4 stable coins (USD equivalent) earning nearly 19%!!!!  Is there a bank offering that anywhere?

This farm pair allows to earn 47% APY holding binance coin while offsetting some price risk trading again the BUSD stable coin!

Who is this class for?

I’m pointing this out for a reason.  The reality is, if you have capital to invest in yield farming then the cost of this class makes sense as the chance of making it back ten-fold is real.   This class is only meant for people who have risk capital looking for outsized returns.

Still wondering if this training is for you?  Reach out to me at

Come join the defi investing revolution with me!

All the best, Mitch  

Crypto Masterclass

Defi Yield Farming Masterclass