Bitcoin needs to top 42K before another pullback

This might sound a little odd given all we had was one real pullback on bitcoin’s run from 20k to 42K, but I’m actually very anxious to see if price can push above 42K before seeing another pullback.

Higher Highs Please…

Don’t get me wrong, its not the end of the world if price hover below 42K for a while. I mean price is still up rather aggressive.

However, my concern is the last time we saw a meteoric rise followed by a harsh high volume pullback that then produced a lower high, it was the top of 2018.

As seen here..

I’m not saying this time will be the same, but I would definitely prefer for it to not look the same as that doesn’t instill confidence.

Yes, I know all the reasons “why it won’t be the same” but I also know from 20 years of investing that anything can happen.

Thus, I would like price to push above 42K before seeing any kind of real pullback since its rallied off the 30K area.

Anxiously waiting…..


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