Are you looking for the wealth and cash flow that owning rental properties provides?
Have you been interested but are scared to pull the trigger? 
There are specific actions and that go into profitable rental property investing.
The key is knowing what these items are....
Most importantly, it's about "buying right."
In this video course you will learn:
  1. The simple financial equation that enables you to "buy right."  Remember, money is made when you buy!
  2. How to calculate expected cash flow and properly estimate operating expenses.
  3. All the different residential property types and the pro's and cons of a homeowner association (HOA).
  4. Loans: Preapproval vs. Prequalification and what needs to be done for each.
  5. How to vet out and find a good investor friendly real estate agent.
  6. The sales contract: Understanding key points and the contingencies.
  7. Inspections and apprasials: How to use them to your advantage.
  8. The final walk through and what to look for.
  9. What to expect at the closing table and how to be prepared.
  10. How to "tenant proof" your property and the 5 keys to tenant screening
  11. The do's and don'ts of collecting rent
  12. How to hire good property management.
Six videos consisting of two hours of rental investing content
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