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Are you ready to level up your crypto results?

Tired of not knowing which coins to invest in or losing money chasing MEME Coins?
Do you want to follow someone who turned $1k into well over six figures?

Dear Crypto Investor, 

The crypto world is still in its infancy and ever changing - things move fast!

It's it hard to keep up and stay in the know.

The Weekly Crypto Mastermind!

It's your opportunity to look over my shoulder in the world of crypto

Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST I host a private 1 hour zoom call where we discuss what I'm investing in and all the latest crypto happenings!

But why should you listen to me???

I've been in crypto since 2016.  Before that I traded stocks full-time for 5 years.  That experience has extrapolated onto crypto to build a sizable portfolio over the years.

More importantly though - over the past 5 years I have cultivated relationships and a presence in several crypto communities enabling me stay in the know on many upcoming projects and important changes in the crypto landscape.

And again, when it comes to crypto things move fast.  Being informed has value!

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Weekly Crypto Mastermind Call


Mitch is a great teacher...I am not a real tech savvy person.. I actually bought my first laptop 2 days before the beginning of my first lesson.. Mitch is very patient and informative..I'm well on my way into the crypto/defi market thanks to this call.

Steve K