Real Estate Coaching

Are you looking for the wealth and cash flow that owning real estate provides?
The scariest thing in real estate is not knowing what you don't know.  It is what stops us from moving forward and doing deals.
Let's solve that problem together!
The coaching program will take you from being a scaredy cat investor to a courageous lion!


By the time you finish the 6 week program you will:

- Have a clear and direct real estate investing plan (no more indecision over wholesaling, rentals or flipping).
- Be able to confidently analyze both rental deals and flips.
- Have identified your target markets.
- Understand exactly how you can finance properties (with traditional, private or hard money)
- Be able to recognize value add opportunities.
- Confidently make offers on properties
.....and have me hold you accountable for getting a deal under contract and closed!


That is the end goal here!  To get you into a deal.  To acquire your first property or your next property.  To get you started on your wealth building journey in real estate!


If you are ready to move forward.  Let's get started!
We'll do a weekly strategy call on zoom for 6 weeks.  You also have access to email me whenever you need in case an urgent question pops up when analyzing a deal or making an offer. 

Real Estate Coaching

Bonus #1: 

The Video Investing Course - two hours of actionable info!
  1. The simple financial equation that enables you to buy right - money is made when you buy!
  2. How to calculate expected cash flow and estimate operating expenses.
  3. The different residential property types.
  4. Pro's and cons of a homeowner association (HOA).
  5. Loans: Preapproval vs. Prequalification and what needs to be done for each.
  6. How to find a good investor friendly real estate agent.
  7. The sales contract: Understanding how to use contingencies to protect your money.
  8. Inspections and appraisals: How to use them to your advantage.
  9. The final walk through and what to look for.
  10. What to expect at the closing table and how to be prepared.
  11. How to "tenant proof" your property.
  12. The 5 keys to tenant screening
  13. The do's and don'ts of collecting rent
  14. How to hire good property management.

Bonus #2:

Free copy of ScaredyCatGuide to Investing in Rental Properties e-Book!


The Strategies Got My Deal Done!

"A big thank you Mitch!  Our first talk made it clear a refinance would allow me to could go after another rental property.  When my appraisal came in light and the bank wouldn’t close I did exactly what you said in our strategy call.  I challenged the appraisal, providing comps as to why. Then I reached out to the lender you suggested who quoted me better terms that my lender then matched.  The improved appraisal and better terms was the difference between me closing or not.  Thanks man!"

Gilbert L.