Holiday Home Shopping for Deals is the Best

When it comes to investing I always ask people – “what is your edge?”  What I mean by that is what skill or scenario do you have that creates value for you.

This is something that is definitely worth thinking about and it is why I’m sharing this post again.  Originally written last holiday season, this time of year is indeed still an “edge.”   Any edge we can find right now is a win with inventory tighter than ever as foreclosure moratoriums further limiting supply in the pipeline.

Holiday Home Shopping For Deals is the Best!

This may seem basic, but simply doing what most people won’t creates opportunity.  Something as easy as shopping for deals when most others aren’t.

That is the opportunity the holiday season gives us!

I love shopping for real estate deals from Thanksgiving to New years.   Nearly every year I have closed on a property during that time and they were all good deals.

The bottom line is most people get too busy or overwhelmed during the holidays with family and responsibilities – shopping for real estate deals takes a back seat.

Plus, if you are in the northern United States the weather isn’t so great either.  A white Christmas makes for a pain in the butt viewing properties.

Point is – competition is less.  The properties on the market and the leads you have are likely seeing less action and just touching base can give you the edge.

You never know what someone’s motivation is.  For all you know your potential seller may want to be out of their property by year’s end and start the new year fresh.

Holiday Home Shopping Gets My Juices Flowing!

Like the saying goes, if you are willing to do today what most people won’t, you will be able to do for the rest of your life what most people can’t!

I love shopping for deals this time of year and the last couple years I did in fact lock up deals that I then closed on in December or January.  This year I have one of my coaching students that locked up a flip deal the week leading up to Christmas.  As you can see it can be done.

The holiday season is just an example of an “edge.”   There are so many others out there, so I ask again – what is your edge?

What will get you the deals?  Whether it is finding off-market deals, helping people get out of a property they are underwater on with a short sales or various other strategies, always ask what is my edge?

Here is a hint:  if you can find methods that are a win for both you and the seller you will have even more success.  Solve problems for others and thus create opportunities for yourself.

If you are struggling with analyzing and recognizing good property deals dig into my real estate post archives and give the education offerings a look!


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