Interest Rates Rise – Procrastination is Expensive

It's finally happening.  Interest rates are actually rising.  If you have been procrastinating on purchasing a rental property it is now costing you money.  It's time to make a move!

Interest Rates Rise - Procrastination is Expensive

There has been talks of rising rates for a year, but the 10 year treasury note has barely moved.  That is the rate banks use to derived their mortgage rates.  This rate has finally moved higher, not a lot, but enough to kick up rates on mortgages.

The Cost of a Small Rate Rise

Below are examples from the mortgage portion of the ScaredyCatGuide Property Calculator:

Example Info:  175K Property with 20% Down = $140,000 Mortgage

This isn't a very large mortgage but we can see how just a small change can cost us.  Also, a smaller down payment would amplify this cost impact further.

Looking back at the example: 

  • Rate of 4.5% costs $709.36 per month
  • Rate of 4.875 costs $740.89 per month

Now $31.53 a month may not seem like a lot of money, but over the course of the mortgage that it's $11.351 out of your pocket.

That's $11,351 less cash flow you will received from your rental property from just a .375 increase in rates.

As rates rise it will become more difficult to find good cash flowing properties.  The time to act is now!

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