Items People Forget To Check When Viewing a Home

Sometimes the obvious is so much so that it ends up being forgotten.  This happens more often than you would think when it comes to viewing a home.

Items People Forget To Check When Viewing a Home

Now granted after you view a home and go under contract you have the inspection period to check on everything, but there are somethings that an inspection cannot fix and there are some others that, well you may not want to deal with.

1,) Noise

This is something that you generally cannot fix.  If the property is near an airport for example; either that noise is gonna drive you nuts or you may worry it will scare off quality tenants.

It is also something that is hard to gauge in may instances.  If the property is by an airport that is easy enough.

If however, it happens to be surrounded by loud and crazy neighbors that is something tough to see.   I will admit, I have viewed properties on weekends or evenings for this reason.  Granted, it is very hit or miss but at least I’m positioning myself to see what it’s like during times when most people are home from work.

2.) Water Pressure

Most people forget this one when viewing a property to buy or even rent.   Not sure about you, but weak water pressure drives me crazy.  It literally adds more time to your day as tasks like showering and washing dishes takes longer.

When you walk through a property, be sure to flip a faucet or two on if the water is on at the home.

3.) Resale Ability

The resale value of a home seems like something that we all pay attention too.  However, that value is also driven by demand and if your property has something scaring of a segment of buyers it can drag on the value.

For example, there is a property I considered buying that bordered train tracks.  The thing is you could not see the tracks. It was something that could easily be missed as there was a tall thick hedge that lined the whole side of the community.

What’s more is the fact the community was really quiet and peaceful when a train wasn’t coming through, but boy when it did the rumble was real.  You could feel it!


Those are just a few things to not forget and pay mind to when viewing a property.  No point in spending time on making an offer and negotiating a contract only to realize them after.

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