Three Cheap Improvements to Spruce Up Your Property

Appeal is a main emotional driver for renters and buyers so let’s cater to that with some cheap and easy ways to make a property more desirable to the eye.

Three Cheap Improvements to Spruce Up Your Property

1.) Add a Backsplash

Given we now live in the world of HGTV land and everyone wants that nice sparkly kitchen they see on the flipping shows – adding a backsplash to your kitchen gives a huge bang for the buck.

A bare wall that runs by the sink and across the counter tops can easily be turned into an eye catching delight simply by putting up some inexpensive mosaic tile backsplash pieces.

It’s a pretty simple job and that should only cost a few hundred bucks and then – Boom!  Your kitchen goes from bland to beautiful!

2.) Replace Hardware

You would be amazed at the difference switching out the handles and knobs on kitchen cabinets makes.  Again, it is the shiny object syndrome.  We humans love are pretty shiny things.  Good looking hardware for the kitchen can be  had for very reasonable prices.

Consider doing this on the front door of the property along with bedroom and bathroom doors.

3.) Upgrade to “Wood” Blinds

This is one barely anyone thinks to do and is probably the cheapest of them all.  Instead of having the dreary 1-inch metal blinds that make you feel like you are in a government facility go with the 2″ faux wood blinds that only cost $15-$20 more.

For a couple hundred dollars more you just spruced up every room in the house.  That is what I call a value-add!

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