Three Cheap Ways to Make Your Property More Desirable

The bottom line is “pretty” looking things help raise the desirability of a home.  Let’s discuss three cheap ways to make your property more desirable.

Three Cheap Ways to Make Your Property More Desirable

1.) New Fixtures

This one is probably the most obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant.  It’s amazing what new faucets in the kitchen and bathroom will do to spruce up a place.

Throw in a new lighting fixture as well and suddenly you have a property that looks like it received a full renovation.

This doesn’t have to break the bank either.  I grabbed new modern looking delta faucets for a rental of mine. Paid $49 each for the bathroom faucets and $99 for the kitchen.  Granted  I could have gone even cheaper, but I wanted something of decent quality.

Then I tacked on a new lighting fixture in one of the bathrooms I got on sale for $39 and just like that my property looks a little shinier than the local comps.

2.) Paint The Kitchen Cabinets

Not really sure why people don’t think of this one more.  Often people assume they need to pay someone to completely refinish them of replace the cabinets all together.

A bucket of paint and primer is a heck of a lot cheaper.  I honestly never thought to do this either, until I stumbled into it.

Turned out I had some paint that nearly matched the existing collar of the cabinets.  The cabinets looked a bit beat up so I decided to test an area inside the cabinets to see how it would look.

Turned out it look good!  So I properly cleaned all the cabinet surfaces and had my handyman paint them up and boy did it make a difference.  They may not be showroom cabinets, but they certainly are not dingy any more.

What was likely a turn off and took away from that nice new kitchen faucet below was remedied on the cheap, thus letting the shiny faucet be the eye catcher.

3.) Smart Thermostat

If there is one thing that people like as much as pretty things it is saving money!

Yes, you could throw in a standard digital thermostat for $35 that every other home has and isn’t any kind of draw.  Or for just $100 more you can get yourself a smart thermostat that now gives you some cool factor (no pun intended) and let’s you show people how they can save money on utilities.

May not seem like a big deal, but if a potential buyer or tenant is looking at a couple places priced the same, yours just became the cheaper option due to those savings.  Regardless of the amount, it’s just the fact that they can save some money.

Give Your Property an Edge

Like anything else in life, it’s your edge that leads to success.  Give your property that small edge over the competition by doing cheap upgrades that lead to large “emotional” value for prospects.

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