The Crypto Workshop

Are you missing out on the crypto revolution?

Have you gotten a piece of Web 3.0?

(are you asking what Web 3.0 even means?)

If you're on this page you likely have the following questions:
  • How to enter crypto and convert fiat into crypto
  • What platforms to buy crypto on
  • How do I pick the right cryptos to buy
  • Is now a good time to buy cryptocurrency
  • What are NFTs and where to buy them
  • How to use decentralized and centralized wallets
  • How to spot scams so you don't become a news story
Cryptocurrency is the next iteration of the Digital Revolution
It started with the internet and then evolved to mobile apps
Cryptocurrency is the next step! It is called web 3.0 for a reason!
Those that invested early in the internet and then in mobile app companies made a king's ransom
Cryptocurrency is the next opportunity and it's still early! 
According to a CNBC study done this summer only 13% of Americans are invested in cryptocurrency!
So what are you waiting for ???


I get it...
Maybe you own a little Bitcoin on Coinbase or don't even know how to do that yet
It feels like you are blindly throwing darts  
Back when I started in 2016 just buying Bitcoin was enough
However, that time has past and crypto has evolved into so much more!
We now have things like DeFi and NFTs.  It's the cryptos used for these projects that will see explosive and exponential returns in the coming years.
The first step is to understand what the heck those terms even me and how to find the coins behind them


This is why the Crypto Workshop was created!

Join me for the Two Hour Crypto Workshop

Wednesday June 1st @7pm EST

Email if you have a group you want me to teach

By the end of the zoom call you will know:
  • How to buy crypto on exchanges like coinbase
  • How to spot crypto scammers 
  • The power of DeFi and how it's changing Finance
  • The difference between NFT art and NFT games (and which makes more money)
  • How to store and transfer crypto
  • And we do a 60 min Q&A so you can all the questions!


Crypto Workshop